The Book of Revelation: Mysteries Revealed

The Bible teaches that a time is coming called the tribulation which will consist of the most difficult and destructive events ever imagnined by man. Christ spoke of this terrible time just before He was crucified and warned us to be watchful, ready and prepared. Prepared for what? Almost all modern prophecy teachers proclaim a sudden and immenent event called the rapture. Who cares what will happen next? .... After all we will all be gone. This is a perfect sounding scenario, but is this what the Bible actually teaches?

In Revelation: Mysteries Revealed, every prophecy in the Book of Revelation is systematically examined and carefully analyzed. We show that the very words of Christ must be heeded... be prepared and ready; for the church will not escape tribulation; only the Wrath of God poured out in the 7 bowl judgements. The tribulation period will be framed within the Seven Feasts of Israel and Jewish Messianic expectations, and shown to last only 3.5 years.

Over 25 great mysteries will be explained in detail. We hope that this book will provide to you a new understanding of end time events. Be prepared to open your eyes and see.